Jasmine writes for The Robin Report, Retail Minded and Sourcing Journal, among others. Her thought leadership is published in a wide variety of online publications – from Fiverr to Retail Insider to Multichannel Merchant. She is the go-to writer for thought leaders, CEOs, and marketing managers in the retail/tech industries.


She also crafts ebooks and articles under the names of the best in the retail business. She also writes top-performing bylined pieces for doctors and professors which are published on higher education websites. Contact Jasmine directly for links to ghostwritten content. 

Retailers that are going bankrupt or shuttering stores this year may not appear to have many similarities at first glance.

Here's What Recent Store Closures Have in Common

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Trend-Averse Generation

If you can't beat them,

co-opt them. 

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Knock-Offs Pop-Up Store

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The dissolution of gender norms is one of the most contentious topics in retail today.

Gender Norms in Retail

Alienate Gen Z

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Looking forward to what is next...

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Give new life to old content.

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Four Ways to Repurpose Content

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The resale market has grown at 21x the pace of the mainstream apparel market in the last three years.

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