Jasmine has half a decade of experience creating thought-provoking written work for a wide range of private clients including trade shows, tech solution providers, prominent retail websites, and more. Below are her articles for technology companies and trade shows. 


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Nobody said running a retail business would be easy.

Retail Best-Practices to Help You Streamline Store Operations

Retail is, at its essence, simply an inventory-driven business of supply and demand.

Inventory Self-Checkup: Are you Stocking the Merchandise your Customers Actually Want?

Travelers look for different products when they enter stores compared to their average retail experiences.

Five Inventory Categories that Outshine Others at Hotel and Resort Stores.

Instagram isn't just a social media platform anymore.

A Quick De-Briefing on Instagram's New In-App Checkout

The escalating trade war between the US and China.

How Chinese Merchandise

Tariffs Will Impact Retailers

A retail purchase takes place in a shopper's mind long before she pulls out her wallet.

The Psychology Behind

the Purchase in 2019

Don't let your in-store experience fall short for a wide-range of potential customers.

Does Your Store Appeal to Children? Here's Why (and How) it Needs to Happen.