Jasmine has half a decade of experience creating thought-provoking written work for a wide range of private clients including trade shows, tech solution providers, prominent retail websites, and more. Below are her articles for technology companies and trade shows. 


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How To Maintain a Fleet During the Coronavirus Shutdown

The government is calling for the shutdown of “non-essential” fleets in response to the widespread Coronavirus epidemic.

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A Quick De-Briefing on Instagram's New In-App Checkout

Instagram isn't just a social media platform anymore.

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How Chinese Merchandise

Tariffs Will Impact Retailers

The escalating trade war between the US and China.


Preparing for Natural Disasters in Uncertain Times

When fleet operatives prepare for a natural emergency, they require an action plan to remain operational and safe during extreme circumstances.

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The Psychology Behind

the Purchase in 2019

A retail purchase takes place in a shopper's mind long before she pulls out her wallet.

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Does Your Store Appeal to Children? Here's Why (and How) it Needs to Happen.

Don't let your in-store experience fall short for a wide-range of potential customers.


Retail Best-Practices to Help You Streamline Store Operations

Nobody said running a retail business would be easy.

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Inventory Self-Checkup: Are you Stocking the Merchandise your Customers Actually Want?

Retail is, at its essence, simply an inventory-driven business of supply and demand.

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Five Inventory Categories that Outshine Others at Hotel and Resort Stores.

Travelers look for different products when they enter stores compared to their average retail experiences.